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3 months ago…

I shut down my blog.

Well, when you all turned your back on me in my darkest time, it wasn’t a matter of if I thought people cared what I had to say. It was more about why should I share my thoughts, emotions and shame with people who I thought cared about me….when in reality, they fall for the manipulation of others?

I kept to myself for several years. Was a professional. No one can deny that. Professional to a fault - considered antisocial because I made my job a priority, not fraternizing with my co workers. I dedicated my life to my job. Spending hundred of dollars of my own paycheck each month on my staff and students.

But you, you my friends, you were not my friends. You were cowards. Cowards who pretend to care about our students….about me. When you reality, you just didn’t want to rock the boat. And I get that. But don’t you fucking dare paint me out to be some sort of two faced villain.

I lost the love of my life, my students, my “friends”. Did anyone once reach out to me? No.

So keep on with your life. Your weekly outings to the bars. Your Sunday Fundays. Your pathetic self-indulgent instagram photos. Because clearly those things take precedence over the doing the right thing. Because rape is no big deal. She was asking for it, right? Because Sara is just soooo overdramatic, right?

Fuck you. Fuck your hypocrisy. Fuck you for turning your backs on the one person that actually gave a shit. I don’t owe any of you cowards any explanations. Especially since I’ve been nothing but a supportive, loving, loyal person with not a single mean bone in my body.

I still continue to thrive professionally and educationally. I may have lost so much, but I still win. I can sleep well at night knowing what kind of person I am. And I just pray to God that none of you experience the complete unnecessary backlash I received. I hope none of you never feel isolated for protecting someone you love. And I hope none of you ever have a child stripped of their innocence.

On that note, keep drinking the kool-aide. If I didn’t know any better, ya ‘all are a part of Jonestown. Hope that works out for ya.


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